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Friday, October 28, 2005

Garden After Frost

We had the second night of frost and that did in pretty much everything in the market garden except the spuds, carrots, parsnips, kale, celery, pac choi, beets and chard.

Found that since we are no longer living on the farm where we started the season and the dogs are gone, the deer have come in and have made themselves at home. They have been pulling beets, eating the tops and leaving the roots to desiccate, they ate all the strawberry plants. Spent at least one night dancing on the row covers over the carrots, poking holes in the covers and eating any exposed carrot tops. So we grabbed all the drip tapes we could find and festooned the carrots and beets with drip tape in hopes that the deer will not want to walk on the tapes and will leave the crops alone (yeah, right...).

I cut the twine from the tomato plants and now all we have to do is remove about 175 fence stakes and move them over to this farm. dead tomato plants remind me of Halloween more than pumpkins. probably because the maters tend to be frost killed right around Halloween and we do not grow pumpkins.

Yesterday Eugene got the hoophouses and move them over here. Now we can put them up here. Or we could if we had anything to protect. but alas, we have nothing in the ground yet but we do have 12 50' beds tilled. Some of those beds are for garlic that will be planted this week or next and at least 2 will be for strawberries and the rest probably will get early for next year greens such as lettuce, spinach and spring mix (which is 2 beds planted with 15 different lettuces plus arugula, tat soi, mizuna, etc..).

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