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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Purging the Evil

A few entries ago I wrote about going to evil Mal-Mart and buying things we did not need and coming back home to a dead cat, than having problems getting a bed in the house and other such bad karma.

So we returned the tainted items, got our money back and life got better. The day after returning the tainted items Eugene and I decided to go to an auction to maybe buy a couch and chair for the living room. That, and we were meeting a friend at the auction. Drove to the auction and beat a train into the fairgrounds and felt that was a good sign.

Long story short, did not buy a couch (it was way too white and nice for our lifestyle) but did get a $15 box lot of sterling silver items, a nice ivory Buddha and an even nicer carved elephant tusk (about 36" long, carved on both sides) for under $100. It's a beautiful specimen and apparently few people want ivory pieces in Preble county.

Now I must decide if I put these pieces up on E-bay. I feel no one can have too many Buddhas around (and it's happy Ho Toi with some really great man boobs), the tusk is way cool and I can use most of the silver pieces. Ah decisions.

I am hoping the purging of evil will continue as we have a tornado watch over us right now. The weather is warm humid and touchy so the possibility we will have a rodeo this evening is high. I doubt a tornado can touch this farm as we are on some funky geography and 'nados like flat lands but straight line winds can certainly do a lot of destruction.

Been battening down the hatches for the storms-brought in all light weight furniture from the porch and deck and other such things and now we just wait it out.

This is not the weather we should be having in November-tornados. But this seems to be the norm the past 8 years or so.

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