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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Sprint Telecom rant

I have been having phone line problems the past week so getting online has been a tricky proposition at best. This would not bother me much if this were not the 3rd time this has happened since we got phone service here in mid September. Sprint has really sucked with our phone service and now they want me to get DSL through them. Right...

if Sprint cannot keep my regular lines free of static and ticking lord knows what DSL would be like-expensive and unreliable is what I think.

And now Sprint will be taking over NASCAR Nextel Cup (Should be Winston Cup) since they bought out Nextel Communications. I can only hope they do a better job with stock car racing than they do with my phone line.

Ah the phone has kicked me off line. If I am lucky I will be reconnected-Yes!!! I am connected! But for how long?

Okay back to the rant-So I call the Sprint number in the phone book and find the number in the book is for long distance accounts only so I must sit through the various menus and finally the hook me up with a human being who gives me the correct number. I call and get put on hold for 12 minutes (so I watched Blind date while waiting). Finally get someone and they assure me the problem will be fixed by 7pm Monday.


This is Friday morning why the 72 hour wait?

Saturday it was impossible to connect with the internet because of the phone noise so I got housework done along with some porch painting (perhaps this is really a positive thing-the bad phone lines). While doing some baking I get a call from Sprint telling me a person will be out to fix the phone lines sometime on Monday.

Now, I do not have a cellphone nor am I likely to get one. To me they seem expensive and the quality sucks. I hate talking to people when they call me on cell phones-can't understand much of what they say. My brother was visiting and he called his girlfriend on his cell several times a day and it seemed to me he spend at least 50% of the call saying "What?" "Can you repeat that?". yes cell phones are cool technology-hell they are Star trek Communicators come to life. But get away from the surface coolness and the suck.

Just like Sprint.

And I am beginning to suspect the poor quality that is cell phone communications is now becoming the norm with land line communications, at least my Sprint landline.

Hey! I was able to complete this Blog entry!

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