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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Actual and Virtual Farmwork

because the weather is so unseasonbly mild I have been doing farmwork today, both actual and virtual. The morning was spent doing actual work. Picked up fluff from some sort of camping gear (a sleeping bag probably) that was becoming a part of the soil. It was a muddy and somewhat unpleasent job and it is only partly done as the fluff ran under a pile of lumber that is partly under a pile of dirt so some serious excavation must be done before that job can be completed. I also got rid of a cattle rub the dog, Nate, had chewed through a couple of months ago causing a lot of chemical soaked yarn stuff to spill out of the rub tube. Eugene put the remains in a small ditch and today I put it all in a trash bag and got it off the ground. I just hope I did not get a good dose of organophosphates from cleaning the stuff up.

We moved one of the cold frames up behind the store front under the apple trees on some nice black soil with the intentions of planting onion seed in the ground there for spring transplanting. Onions are one of the few seeds that will germinate in cold soils but even so we have to wait a week or so before planting in order to give the ground within the cold frame a chance to warm up a few degrees.

Before moving the cold frame I helped Eugene move a pile of lumber from behind the store front to in front of the barn. A lot of wood was left here and we are in the process of seeing what is useful, what is suited only for burning. I'd say after several months of steady work on this project it is about 2/3 done.

After the actual farm work was done I realized it is high time to start marketing the CSA for this year and that meant composing an email (which is about 3/4 of the way done) and because of the email I realised the CSA webpage needed updating to include a membership fee for joining the CSA, a listing of days of operation, when we will be starting (mid May)and the weeks we will be running (through November at least, maybe longer. Really depends on the weather).

So I spent several hours this afternoon modifying the CSA webpage's content and layout. I think I did an okay job but if you find mistakes or anything that is unclear let me know in the comments. Now I am off to update my Local Harvest CSA listing. Again take a look and tell me what you think.

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