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Monday, January 30, 2006

NAIS and the Chinese Chicken

It's a banner day for posting it seems. So much to talk about.

here is another item about NAIS and the USDA. This is truly shocking.

While the USDA foists NAIS on American consumers, farmers and livestock* the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) is proposing importing chickens from China. Yes, that’s right. Is that crazy enough? They want to tag and track all animals in the USA to prevent disease’ and then import poultry from China where Avian Bird Flu (H5N1) has been killing millions of birds as well as some people. Wait a minute?!? Wasn’t one of the justifications for NAIS to stop the spread of Avian Bird Flu???

Not only that, but the USDA wants to ship poultry to China, have it slaughtered and canned and then shipped back to the USA for consumption! What!?!

Does this make sense? Wait… sense… cents… Ah, think dollars!...

read the rest at Ag Dept Wants to Import Chickens from China

Our government is insane. First they want to implement the NAIS in part to keep the US from getting avian flu outbreaks and now they want to import chicken from china where there have been numerous avian flu outbreaks. This is nuckin' futz.


Angie said...

Hey Lucy - thanks for the comments about my goofy dog - you'll have to stop back and see what I discovered - you were right!

Hope your planning for the spring is going well - we are getting pretty anxious here - fired up the greenhouse heater today just to make sure that sucker was going to last one more year. Every year we hold our breath.

Here's hoping you have great weather and a great growing season and again thanks for stopping by.


Walter Jeffries said...

Thank you for writing about NAIS. More people need to know how NAIS is going to hurt small farmers and homesteaders and then ultimately consumers as our national food supply becomes consolidated into the hands of fewer and fewer larger corporations. Even vegetarians will pay the price because good organic veggies are grown in composts of animal manure. With fewer animals being raised organically in the traditioanl manner there will be less manure.

-Walter Jeffries
Sugar Mountain Farm