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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Why Do They Want to Scare Us?

I don't know why but the locals around here seem to delight in scaring us about this place we call Boulder Belt farm.

Granted, we live on a very busy Federal Highway (approx. 15,000 cars and trucks go by daily) and we are on a bad hill with a nasty curve in it and we knew this when we bought the place. And we could see that deadly accidents are not just possible but probable. but in the act of purchasing this place and moving in we have tried to forget these facts of life.

But the local people we run into find it is their sworn duty to make it clear to us that we live in a really dangerous place. First it was Richard Benge telling us that there are a minimum of two deadly accidents at the 40' pitch each year. than Rick Mowery at the property tax office telling us it is just a matter of time before someone drives through the kitchen (thank gawd the gas line has been disabled as the line goes into the house at the kitchen) and yesterday the UPS guy, who brought us our seeds from Johnny's Selected Seeds was telling Eugene how he almost got nailed by a truck hauling a boat the last time he made a delivery out here, to which Eugene told him it was suicidal to make a left hand turn out of the drive. We always go to the right (hear that Rebecca and Dad? TO THE RIGHT) and if we have to go north we go to the right and turn around in the valley on Alexander Road and than head north.

So to those of you who feel it is your duty to point out the dangers of 3257 US Rt 127/living on the 40' pitch-we get it. You do not need to tell us any more horror stories. We ain't moving and we intend to have a successful business out here selling chem. free food and organic farm and garden inputs.


Chandira said...

I hear you! I had 2 incidents yesterday where I did something noticeably stupid, and people had to point it out to me.. DO they think I didn't notice?? I dunno. People are really wierd sometimes. Don't take any notice. So far it's been safe for you and that's what you need to think about. Who knows? You might even be lucky for the spot, and change it's karma with all your good organic energy and intentions. :-)

Lucy said...

I have noticed this trait in the locals towards new folks. Went through it when we moved to this county and decided to become organic farmers. First we were told we would not last more than a year at the farm than we were told we would never make it as organic farmers.

If I had a dollar for everytime I was told I could not do something...

The thing to do is show all these people up by becoming successful here and that's the plan