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Thursday, February 09, 2006

An Ode to Garlic Powder

Today was garlic day. I decided it was time to dehydrate persian star garlic for garlic powder before it got too far gone. So I chopped the ends of bulbs off, separated cloves and when I got enough ready loaded up a dehydrator. I quit after filling 2 of the 3 dehydrators I own. I got about 1/2 bushel processed in a couple of hours (that is several hundred bulbs). The next step after they have dried to hard nuggets is to clean off the paper wrappers and than grind the cloves into powder and than sell the stuff.

And now I smell like garlic and probably will for a couple of days now that it has penetrated my skin. I feel this has to be very healthy to get such a strong dose of garlic in a subdermal manner. Garlic is good stuff, it has antibiotic and fungicidal properties as well as making a darned fine addition to just about all food.

I once read the smell of garlic bread baking in the oven calmed over aggressive men. If any such men were to walk into this house over the next 3 to 5 days they should, if the theory is true that garlic hath smell to calm the savage breast, go into a near coma of calmness.

I won't be able to tell with my husband since he ain't the aggressive type (thank the Gods and Goddesses. Been there done that a long time ago, long before I was into growing and processing garlic)


Angie said...

Hi Lucy - loved this post. Hey, I saw your post on the hightunnel listserv (no, I'm not stalking you, we just seem to read the same areas) and if you have any information on the tunnels you and your husband build, I would love it. My husband and I have been looking for an inexpensive way to build one and haven't really found anything. Most of the kits are at least 2000.00 and that is out of our range. Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Angie

debbiecakes said...

Mmmm garlic bread. It smells just marvelous in the oven, but down right nasty on your breath.
There's something about when someone eats garlic, and then not only do you smell it on their breath, it's like permeating out through there pores. Kind of the way somebody stinks the day after having been out drinking all night.
-a fellow Ohian

Chef TinaMarie said...

There was this one Italian restaurant I worked in where on Tuesdays we would roast like 10 sheet pans of garlic for the week. The smell would permiate the complex for at least 2 days. But the end result is so delicious!

Jenny Smurdon said...

Thanks for your sites & all the great info; we have resided at our little farm for 12 yrs. and have since started horse boarding, a B&B, egg sales and, over the years, expanded gardens for our use and sale at the farm & local farm market. We just joined OEFFA ( anxious to go to the conference) and are contemplating a CSA farm. Been researching over the past year and it seems right for us.
I will continue to watch for more info & the progress of your new farm. Good Luck to you both,
Jenny Smurdon
Four Seasons Farm Bed, Breakfast & Barn