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Friday, February 17, 2006


Yesterday was an eventful day. What with the extremely warm weather (around 60˚F), the accident in the afternoon and a stormy evening and night with 40mph winds (but no damage from the storms). I don't know how the guy who got hit yesterday is doing, the roadwork has been cancelled for today so no one to ask. I don't know if this is weather related or because of the accident.

I saw on the news that this bridge project will start for real on Monday and last until October which is pretty much our entire season-Bummer man.

The reason for this post is to post some pictures of the hoophouse Eugene erected Wednesday. This hoophouse will be for arugula and lettuce. I have posted two shots.

Here is a full shot of a completed hoophouse. It is 100' long and 12' wide. The white patches next to it are beds of fall planted garlic under row covers. the sides are held down by soil and the ends have several water filled tires to keep them down. this easily survived a night of 30mph winds with 40+mph gusts.

This shot is further down the hoophouse and is supposed to show the second structure going up. But I see that has become almost invisible (damn my cheap low resolution camera. I really need a 5 or greater mega pixle camera). You can see in the distance a glass coldframe and a pile of plastic waiting to be stretched onto another hoophouse.

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Angie said...

Thanks for posting the pictures, Lucy. Just a quick question, does one end have a door or do you just lift it up and go in that way? This seems more simple since you aren't messing with end walls - makes sense. What do you use for the hoops and how do you anchor them? Thanks for any help you can give.