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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

We Must Be Crazy

Did our monthly Winter market this past Saturday. It was a cold one with snow showers and a stiff breeze. Us farmers were seriously doubting our sanity for being there. And yet a lot of dedicated local food mavins came out to the monthly market despite the weather. We now know who the core farmers' market supporters are after this bitter cold market

We sold a lot of garlic, potatoes and onions. We sold no squash probably because we had to put it away in the van within a half hour of putting it on the table because it started to freeze (it was a balmy 14˚F by 10:30am according to Karen Baldwin's Van).

I bought 3 dozen eggs from Karen because her eggs are almost as good as the eggs we used to raise. She had a lot of eggs-3 coolers full of 'em. February is the month that hens come out of their winter vacation and start to lay in earnest. I remember when we had hens we would be getting a couple dozen a day from 75 layers Nov/Dec/Jan and into the beginning of February and than suddenly one morning you go into the coop to collect eggs and everyone is laying and instead of 2 dozen you have 6 dozen eggs to clean and pack into cartons.

And picked up my first milk order from the cow share I bought in January. Raw milk is such a wonderful food. It is a shame that the pasteurized dairy lobby prevents most people from having the choice of buying their milk raw, though that may change in Ohio this year as there is a bill going through the state house that wants to change the law so grade A dairies can sell raw milk from their farms. It's a start.

After market we went over to the Nelson's to pick up the shelving we had bought the week before. Got there and met Pat and terri and proceeded to take apart 3 shelving units. We had planned on taking down a lean-too for the lexan panels but it was too cold to work with plastic. so we loaded the van with dusty shelving units instead and took them home. They will go into the store eventually. First we have to finish a wall and paint the place.

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