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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Early Morning Storms and Nate (a wide ranging ramble)

Nate, the cause of my insommnia this morning.

I have been up since 3am sitting with Nate the not so small nor young puppy, who is scared of thunder but doesn't want us to know he is scared by thunder so he covers this fact up by running around and barking at it. He knows if he barks long enuff and loud enuff the thunder will eventually run away, at least it has so far in his short life. But this thunder has been stubborn, hanging around and booming intermittently for the past 3.5 hours.

I did get to watch bad TeeVee in the wee hours of the morning while holding and soothing Nate so he would not worry so much and not bark and wake Eugene up again.

I saw Elimi-Date™ (called Limo-Date for this episode) I watched the "Farm Show" I think it is really called Town and County Living or some such. It is the last bastion of agriculture on non cable TV ('cept for a couple of new shows on PBS that showcase small "hobby" farmers sponsored by Monsanto a company that wants to see the demise of this kind of farmer, 'specially us organic types that do not buy their products. So they sponsor programs such as NAIS, but I digress). I learned that bird-flu is bad, Wal-Mart is going organic and soybean rust is still a problem for conventional and GMO farmers (but it is not a big issue for the organic soybean growers) and that we need to watch our kids around farm equipment and livestock and especially ATV's which kill thousands of children each year. Why that is more than all the people killed by raw milk in the past 100 years (I add this because I deleted a post from an unfortunate individual that likes to post anti-organic and small farm opinions here and he said I was irresponsible for posting the Raw Milk Under Attack missive because raw milk kills people. I doubt he will come back and tell me that ATV's should be outlawed because they kill thousands each year. Nor would he think the feed lots and meat packing plants should be shut down because they kill hundreds each year and sicken tens of thousands annually. Nor does he discuss the damage caused by farm chemicals to the environment and us humans. But he loves to go after local and organic foods. Wotta putz).

After getting my fill of bad early morning TeeVee I got on the 'puter and did things, interrupted occasionally by Nate whining or getting up and running to the back door to look at the pouring rain and whine some more. About 1/2 hour ago we got some particularly loud thunder which he had to bark at a bit (but I insisted he not bark at it fully).

Our other dog, Arlo, got up after I did when he sensed that Nate might be getting attention and came down stairs and started mooching in on the love-fest. Soon I had to send him away because he was pushing Nate out of the way which got Nate nervous and which causes him to bark at the storm (which is what I wanted to avoid and my whole reason for getting up insanely early).

And now I am waiting for the coffee to finish brewing and I am covered in dog hair (it is spring and they are both shedding, a lot)

The whole reason this is happening is because a warm front has come up from the south and stalled right over my head and there are storms riding up this boundary from west to east soaking southern Ohio and Southern indiana. We have had copious amounts of rain since thursday and it looks like we will get at least another 48 hours of rain. After that it gets colder and it may snow by the week's end (just in time for the March edition of the Winter Market in Oxford).

Well it is time to get coffee and start on breakfast-Biscuits and Gravy made with locally raised organic pork (but the sausage is not organic because it has nitrates added)

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