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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

EggplantHead Zen

It is March and the EggplantHead my father gave me in October is still alive, albeit very shriveled. My friend Marge wondered when she saw it if the eggplant would never rot and just shrivel away much like an ancient Chinese Zen Master would. It looks like this is exactly what is happening with the EggplantHead. Not a bit of rot after 5 months in a warm room exposed to direct sunlight. the thing has even beed dropped on the floor many times in the past 3 months due to a curtain over the window where EggplantHead lives most of the time.

A side view of the shrivelled humanoid fruit

The back of the fruithead; note the deep fissures in the skin. We are talkin' some serious dehydration here

Here we have the other profile. The back of the auberginehead has a definate hollow in it. Like an old nag's back

The face of the zen aubergine itself

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