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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

First Spring Rains

This past weekend we had some pretty good flooding. Not enough to do any damage but the wall by the back of the barn was a beautiful waterfall for several hours Sunday Morning as it drained the water from US 127 and the neighboring fields. It seems we are the drainage for a lot of area.

The top field had a lot of real estate under water for about half a day. I'd say about half the beds were submerged or close to it but by the day's end most everything had drained except for a few beds to the north of the field. But despite the draining water the beds are still too wet to get into at all. This is a pity because our strawberry and asparagus plants arrived today and are in need of planting. Hopefully they can wait 48 hours so we can get the landscape fabric we will be using to mulch the berries prepared (need to cut or burn holes in the mulch every 24" so the berry plants can be planted through the mulch) and than laid down and dug in. We'd do the mulch today 'cept it is very windy and propane torches, plastic cloth and high winds do not mix well. The weather report sez we should have fair weather through tomorrow so maybe we can get them in the ground tomorrow.

But I doubt it because I have an ear infection (not painful but I am totally deaf in the left ear due to a lot of crap building up in the ear canal) and will be going into the doctor around 1pm and than at 3:30 or so Dr Ron Spielbaur, Miami U's archaeology person is coming out to scope out the place. So that pretty much blows the afternoon.

Nothing like several days of flooding rain to put a wrench in one's plans

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