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Friday, March 03, 2006

Karma Tosses Us a Bone

Yesterday things got even more active with the road work. Lots of workers showed up and put up more signs and around 11am the supervisor of the project yells at us to get our attention and than the next thing he says is "Hey I know you guys! We met at Pekar's party" (Tom Pekar is a long time friend who has a birthday party every July at his house. I have missed only one in 15 years due to my mother's funeral). And indeed he was correct we had met Bob several times at many of Pekar's parties. So some good karma-we know the boss man of this project that will be going on for the next 8 or so months.

The reason he had yelled at us was so he could get permission to cut back several trees along the road so the traffic lights will be more visible. We gave our okay but wanted as little cut as possible and told him so. He came back about 20 minutes later and said the tree cutters wanted to cut the limbs back to the trunk because that would be better for the trees, we agreed. Than he said he'd ask the tree guys to dump the wood chips on our property and they did when they were done and than said if we wanted more wood chips they would be happy to dump them here on a regular basis.
Way cool.
We can use them for pathways around the farm and in compost (but sparingly-wood can drop Nitrogen supplies in compost and soil dramatically as it decomposes) and in areas where we need a more acid soil (these are chipped pine boughs).

Oh and I asked Bob how the downed flagger was doing. He is alright folks, he has a broken ankle and a busted nose and a lot of bruises but nothing else.

So it looks like Karma has tossed us a bone after being a bit cruel with this road work thing. The fact we have stop lights almost in front of our drive will likely make it difficult for our customers to get in our parking area. But because we are now getting to know the crew I think we can expect some loyal customers from their ranks all season long. And at least they did not close the road and detour everyone away from us (Bob said that was what he wanted and I know the work crew would want that as it would be about a zillion times safer for them). That would have made it hard to start the farm stand this year but would not have killed us since we still have farmers' markets and other marketing outlets but it would added several layers of difficulties to our goal of having a thriving organic foods farm stand in Preble County.

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threecollie said...

It is wonderful that you are establishing a rapport with the road workers. A construction project in our tiny village five years ago actually caused several businesses to have to close, because no one could get into their stores. The town has yet to recover.