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Friday, March 24, 2006

Search Keywords Today

3 people found this blog using " sexual attachments for cordless drills" I am not sure if they have a sexual attachment for cordless drills or they want such attachments (ain't the english language fun?). I do find it strange that this blog shows up on the first page of this search. Does this mean this blog will get flagged by the gummint as a pornographic blog and shut down?

1 person get here by typing into google " jeff gordon rv bus driver" Again I am not sure if they think Jeff drives an RV (I am sure he has at some point in his life) or if they wanted information on ther person who drives Mr. Gordon's RV to the Nextel Cup NASCAR races. Perhaps this is an omen and Jeff Gordon will end up being a RV driver after his racing career is over

1 person Googled " buy raw butter in indiana" This I know something about. Go to the Weston Price website (link in the side bar to the right). They have a huge database of all the farms in the US that sell raw milk products.

Those are the keywords/terms today

1 comment:

Chandira said...

I once had 'yucatan rope dance genitals' I shall never forget that.. I am scarred for life..