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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Pix of Chix

A couple of pictures of the chicks a few hours after they got home to their new digs. Right now they are in a brooder in the barn but will be going outside probably tomorrow or Friday if it is stormy tomorrow. We like to get our pastured birds out on pasture as soon as possible so they learn to eat greens (something they will not do if they are inside the first 3 to 4 weeks of their short lives) and also so they can use their muscles running, flapping wings and walking. This is also something they cannot do when inside in a brooder. If they are in a brooder for 3/4 of their lives they will be out of shape when they get on pasture and will tend not to want to move around except to get food and water. If they get outside and can move around before they reach their first week's birthday than they remain active for their entire lives.


Chandira said...

Aww.. We like Chick Pix.. How cute.. :-)

Lucy said...

Hard to believe these chicks will be ready to eat in less than 2 months.

But before they are edible they must first go through the "Yoda" stage when their fluff falls off but before the feathers come in and they wisps of fluff on their bald heads.

Chandira said...

Aw.. Don't you get just a little attached to them though? I would..

I remember when I was a kid, my dad's godmother had chickens, and she offered my mum a chicken for dinner. Mum said yes, being a city girl, didn't realise what that involved. My aunt Joyce going out with a broom handle, and snapping the neck of the nearest unfortunate hen, and mum being expected to take it home and pluck it herself.. lol I think she thought it would come shrink-wrapped and ready to put in the oven. ;-)

Lucy said...

No I don't get attached to them, don't have them long enough. I have learned that when you get attached you tend to not kill them. Than you have 50 extra birds running around eating a lot of very expensive grain and eventually keeling over from heart attacks at about 15 weeks of age so they become a total waste of time and money. Things we cannot afford to waste and expect to stay in business very long.