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Monday, May 29, 2006

Wet T-Shirt Day

It was wet T-Shirt day at the farm today (sorry no pix). We were looking at building clouds and knew it would rain in the near future (plus the weather radar confirmed this). This meant the chicks out on pasture would need attending to before the rains hit or they would likely sit out in the rain and get all wet and cold and probably die. So I went up to put the chicks and their feeders in their tractor and close one of the doors and plug the brooder lamp back in (it has been so warm that there has been no need for supplemental heat to keep the chicks warm enough). It started sprinkling as I was walking to the chicken area and the drops were getting big but still intermittent when I reached the chicken area. This was beginning to freak the chicks out since they have not experienced a rain storm before. I put their feeders in their tractor and that got most of them to go inside and the rest soon followed as the skies opened up and a deluge began.

I started walking back to the house and by the time I got to the barns I was soaked to the skin and my t-shirt was wet. the wind kicked up and started blowing some empty buckets away so I grabbed them and put them in the barn. I finally got in the house dripping wet where upon my husband observed I was in a wet t-shirt and that made him happy.

Now the rain is over, I'm in dry clothing and it is getting oppressively hot and humid

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