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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Naked Hoophouse

A hoophouse full of zukes, cukes and basil with the plastic still on. later today it will be a naked hoophouse and a much nicer place to work.

I probably should be out picking peas and zucchini right now since the sun is up but I am writing.

We are getting a major weather change this week. We are going from cool spring conditions to hot, humid dry summer weather in the next 24 hours and that means the plastic has to come off of the hoophouses. If we leave the plastic on it will be a bit too hot for the plants and way too hot for us humans. There is nothing like doing physical labor in a 115 degree environment. It is a truly miserable experience and one I try to avoid. If you have ever worked in a commercial kitchen (without AC) in the summer than you know what it is like to do hard work in very hot conditions (I remember when I cooked at DiPaolo's back in the late 1980's Rich DiPaolo had put a thermometer under the exhaust hood and it was reading about 150 degrees F and on the other side of the kitchen it was a cool 117 degrees F. Ah good times...).

This weather change will also pretty much mean the end of most of the spring crops. We have one more bed of lettuce that may or may not harvestable. Lettuce tends to want to bolt to seed in hot weather and if this happens with this bed we will simply save seed instead of trying to harvest bitter plants that desperately want to make seed.

Think of us out in the torrid weather growing food. It seems summer is here.

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