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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Busy Sunday

Had a busy Sunday.

Got up kinda late at 7am. We went to a party at our friend Pekar's house in Lakengren. Had a good time at the party, ate lots of food, drank beer had good conversation got to stare at a bonfire. But we stayed up too late (a perk of not having chickens that need closing at sunset). Got home after midnight, watched some really bad animation on SNL and went to bed shortly before 1am. Hence getting up kinda late.

The plan was to get the onions weeded, the yard mowed and the store open for business and all of that happened plus some serious japanese beetle killing on the grapes and eggplant. The removal and storage of row covers and the hoops that hold up the row covers from the winter squash beds also happened. A TV bonus.

The onions look good. They are a surprising plant as they tend to look really weak and spindly for the longest time than suddenly they start making big robust onion bulbs. And this is exactly what is happening. Looks like we will have a good onion crop which means we will have a lot of onions because we planted a lot of onions.

Sales at the store were slow but the best day we have had so far. I believe we made $30 on the day and had 3 people stop, all of whom bought several items and one was a repeat customer. I expect we will have fairly slow sales for another month than they will pick up when we have sweet corn and red tomatoes. But I think it will take 2 years to really get things going out here.

But I believe we have the luxury of time as our farmers' market sales are way up over last year and we also will be participating in the 127 Yard Sale-"The World's Longest Yard sale" Aug. 3rd thru 6th (Thursday Thru Sunday) both as a vendor and a market manager/owner. We plant to rent 12' x12' spaces for $10 a day. No water or electric just space on the yard sale route. Already have 5 spaces called for. I have long wanted to participate in the event and the year we move onto US 127 the event comes to Ohio. Talk about Karma. But I digress. It will take time to build up a customer base but it will happen (it is happening!) and in a couple of years we will be doing killer business out of the store.

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