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Sunday, July 02, 2006

CSA Blogs

I was just cruising Technocrati and decided to see what was listed under CSA. There are a lot of french blogs using the acronym as well as a lot of blogs devoted to Confederate state of America but what I was looking for are the Community Supported agriculture blogs and there are quite a few out there and below are links to several I found surfing this morning.

Adjective Noun
Anna & David Love the Dog
Alice Q. Foodie Love the name
Peak Oil Blues
The Holistic Kitchen
CSA Cycle Tour This is a blog done by a group in Michigan touring Michigan CSA's this summer. Facinating. Really shows the individuality of each CSA farm.
Buy Local...

If you got here because I linked to your site please put up a link on your blog to this site (than we all get more traffic and more people get to learn about the wonders of local food and CSA's).

If you want to join a CSA after reading so many good things about them click on the local harvest link on the side bar and you will get listings of CSA's near you.

If you thought this was about civil war stuff, sorry...


Jose said...

I love your blog and the site. We live in Hilliard, part of the Columbus Suburbia, and have a small organic veg garden. We both have delusions of owning a bigger one.

We were hiking in John Brian State Park on Saturday, and drove over to visit your store. It was 3:40 or so, and I guess you were still at the farmers market. Too bad we missed the chance to meet you.

Lucy said...

Sorry we missed you. We were out socializing and realizing having the farm store opened on Saturdays is stupid. So now we are reassessing our store hours and most definately dropping Saturdays out of the mix so we do not have to be selling from 7am til 7pm (plus set up and tear down of two markets which takes abn additional 2 hours).

Try us again though as we usually are home saturday afternoons and can open up pretty easily

Kathy said...

Thanks so much for posting our site, but the link you have is a broken one. The working link is:

We believe that CSA's and promoting wonderful projects like the 100 mile diet will help ease us into a post-fossil fuel world. Thanks for begin a part of it.