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Friday, August 04, 2006

World's Longest Yard Sale, Days 1 & 2

The World's longest Yard sale has started. We started setting up for it Wednesday and the other people, Jules, Rosie and Mark who have rented spaces came out Thursday morning and spent most of the day setting up and showing the early birds what they had.

I'd say we had about 40 or 50 car loads come by on Thursday. Most were locals from Preble, Darke and Montgomery Counties but some were serious yard salers and came with large vehicles and trailers from places like Northern Ohio, Illinois, Texas, Michigan, maryland, etc..

People were doing more looking than buying on Thursday but I did get interviewed by Tana Weingartner for WMUB, the local NPR station (and a station I give both time and money to each year) about the yard sale and also about having a road side farm stand (she was thrilled to be able to do a twofer). We got a thundershower around 2 pm that put a damper on sales but it also cooled us down and it did not last more than 45 minutes. It could have been worse, just to the north and east they had sever storms with 70 mph+ winds. We do not need that kind of weather for this event-too hard on the tents and canopies.

We all shut up our stands around 8pm and than shared some beer and conversation and went our separate ways. We stayed home and made and ate dinner (squash lyonaise, corn on the cob and a cuke, tomato and onion salad with good olive oil and balsamic vinegar) the rest went to the local truck stop or perhaps a Subway to eat and they also got us 8 bags of ice for the 75 dozen ears of sweet corn we bough that is NOT selling well at all and will not fit into our fridge (and this is causing Eugene and I more stress than it ought to).

This morning (Friday) dawn clear and cool with much lower humidity than we have had in about 2 weeks. We got up around 7am and slowly got going. By 8am the first yard saler was on the promises and we were no where close to being open. By about 8:30 we were open and ready for business and for us it was slow but for Jules and mark things were going well. the rest of the day was filled with waves of traffic coming in. looking around, maybe buying a few things and leaving. there were several people who were doing the whole thing from Van Wert, OH to Alabama (or at least as far as their money would let them go).

We got reports of lots of sales from Van Wert to Camden but south of Camden, OH they pretty much stopped (C'mon Butler County get your ass in gear!). Had many people stop and buy produce who had driven past us for the past year but never had a reason to stop in. Hopefully most will be repeat customers.

It is evening and the pace has picked up. I do not know how the folks are faring out there because I chose to do a lot of cooking this afternoon. Had a huge pot of cooked apples in the fridge awaiting to be made into applesauce than canned. So I got out the Victorio food processor and made apple sauce and than got out the canner and jars and canned it up. Than I decided to make a strawberry cake out of some berries that were going bad, froze some peaches in the same state and than made a cole slaw out of a huge head of cabbage that has been sitting in the fridge for 3 weeks (and it is a delicious slaw-great cabbage).

At last look there were 5 cars in the parking area. One was jumping the other so I don't suppose they are buying much. Mark, Jules, Rosie and Madeline (who is selling jewelry she has made with Jules and Rosie) have been playing music. Nice bluegrass music.

From what I have seen so far (and the weekend isn't even here yet) this 127 yard sale is a huge success and will only get better. Hey, it's only the first year here in Ohio

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