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Friday, September 15, 2006


For the past umpteen years I have been a total coffee snob. All I would buy is gourmet coffee, Guatemalan Antigua shade grown being about my all time favorite, though there are some lovely Sumatran coffees too. The past 8 years or so all the coffee I bought was fair trade and certified organic (and usually Guatemalan Antigua).

My Husband would tell me that I was spending way too much on coffee and it really didn't matter as far as taste goes if the stuff is fair trade, organic, shade grown, whole bean or not. He is sooo wrong about this. But than I'm the gourmand, he is not (but I am working on him).

I am drinking a cup of Yuban coffee and I am here to tell it does matter. This stuff is pretty bad (and we have a huge can of it to go through before we buy more...maybe). I opened the can 2 days ago and for some reason was not paying attention to what the stuff tasted like the first day and yesterday decided I made it too weak so today I upped the coffee content by 50% and at least it is not too weak but even with a lot of raw cream in it it is still not very good. Better than instant but not even close to some good whole bean shade grown, organic, fair trade coffee.

At least the stuff has caffeine in it so it is not all bad, but pretty darned close. And because it is too weak for my tastes if used per directions I will be using the huge can up far more quickly than anticipated and can get back to fair trade yummy coffee sooner than later.

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