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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Keyword Questions

A keyword post where I answer what is on the keyword list from my blog counter software.

Today's first keyword question asks: why do my chickens cannibilize each other
Answer: Because they do not have enough room. Caged chickens get their beaks cut off to prevent this but pastured chickens should not be de-beaked and given more room to roam.

The second keyword question is: were can i get my own farm and chiken.

Answer: chickens are bought at hatcheries and chicken sales. of course you will need good sturdy housing to keep the predators from killing all the chickens plus feed, a place to store the feed so rats and mice do not eat it, feeders, waterers, bedding, fencing and if layers egg cartons and nesting boxes.

To find a farm start driving around rural areas. Go to the county courthouse to look up the owners of farms you might like. Peruse the realty web based data bases and if you don't have several hundred thousand dollars in the bank, line up a mortgage. Of course, before you jump into chicken farming you might want to work on a chicken farm to see if you like the work. Having livestock means saying bye bye to most vacations and a lot oof long hours for low pay.

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