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Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Victorio

It's almost fall and that means tomato canning time. I have already written about catsup and the wonderful victorio and here is a picture of the victorio with tomatoes that were made into plain tomato sauce.

Today I am canning up probably the last sauce I will make this year, the sauce tomatoes did not yield well at all and many of the plants were crossed with other things so did not produce decent sauce tomatoes at all. I should get 18 or so quarts of sauce in the end and along with a couple of jars from last year plus the frozen sauce we ought to be all right for the winter/spring.

My Victorio strainer is an old model. A 200 that seems to have been replaced by a new and improved 200. I am hoping the parts I need are still around. seems to have the things I need but not all are in stock. And there seem to be a couple of parts I have never possessed (but than I go this from my Father, lightly used, so perhaps they were there at one point back in the mists of time). So I may be looking at not being able to get all the parts I need to get the thing back up to almost new condition. Since I have been using it hard in less than almost new condition I suppose I could continue to do so. It still works quite well.

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