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Sunday, November 26, 2006

25th High School Reunion CANCELED

My 25th high school reunion (Talawanda High School, Oxford, OH; Class of 1981) was supposed to be held this week end but was canceled due to lack of interest (really!).

The reunion had originally been scheduled in October but was rescheduled to Thanksgiving weekend because of a THS football conflict (yeah, a high school game will certainly be more of a conflict than Thanksgiving). It seems THS was having its' Homecoming game and the planners of the Class of 1981 Reunion figured that that game would be far more important to those of us who have been out of High School for 25 years than Thanksgiving with friends and family. I really have no understanding as to what they were thinking and apparently I am not alone here.

I got a invitation to this reunion in the mail about a month ago and noted that they wanted $50 a person to eat at Dipaolo's which I consider an over priced 2nd rate restaurant ever since the DiPaolo family sold the shop and it moved into the incredibly overpriced Elms Hotel. But I digress, this is not about my relationship with the DiPaolo Family and their former restaurant, where I worked for for 2.5 years and learned boatloads about cooking and food and that experience eventually launched me into market farming. No this is about my 25th High School reunion that was canceled due to lack of interest, likely lots of time conflicts and let us not forget that the folks who planned this whole thing (these were not my favorite people in HS, nor McGuffey Lab School where I spent K thru 8th grade. I see they are still into having power and making less than great decisions) made it so many folks could not afford to go at $50 a person. I am assuming my classmates that planned this party have seen way too many movies and decided we all wanted an elegant and over priced experience. Personally I would rather have had this in the summer and had a big picnic where we could relax and catch up with one another and not have this turn into a one-upmanship deal where people feel they must lie about their lives. But if we must have an expensive and overpriced experience lets do it someplace other than a restaurant in Oxford, OH.

But no one asked my opinion and when I gave my opinion (i did email the committee when I found out they were going to have this event Thanksgiving Weekend and saidf that was a bad idea) it was ignored. And because it was ignored bad decisions were made and the whole event was canceled.


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