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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Farm Sex

Another post based on the keywords in my blog-counter. So far today 22 people have visited this blog looking for farm sex and 1 person wanted sex on the farm.

Farms are sexy places, those plants and animals are pretty much doing nothing but looking for sex so they can procreate. The squashes are particularly promiscuous, they will cross pollinate with about anyone. Even squashes of different species. I think this is what Rick Santorum was afraid of when he did his man on dog speech against gay marriage. But fortunately for us contrary eco-farmers Santorum is now a former senator and the Democrats are back in the saddle again and the Nat'l gummint once again has its' checks and balances pretty much back in place.

Ah but I digress. We were talking about farm sex not politics (though they do seem to overlap an awful lot these days). The rats around here seem to be heavily into sex judging from all the juvenile rats we have caught in traps the past few days. Got a breeder hidden out somewhere that we need to get before she pops out another litter.

Now that it is fall most everything has given up on sex for the year. Hard to have sex when you are dead.

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