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Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Back in September I ordered 100 gazillion nematodes to spray on the ground to rid the soil of various grubs, termites, cutworms and other bad guys. I found this company, Buglogical, doing a google search using the term "beneficial nematodes". They had the best general information about beneficial insects and they also had the best price of anyone on the web so I ordered 100 million Steinernema feltiae/Heterohabditis bacteriophora. Actually, because there are two species of nematodes it was like 50 million of each. The cost came to $97.00 with shipping and we were able to cover about 2.5 acres. The company says this is enough to cover 1 acre but all the other purveyors of nematodes indicated that 100 million will cover much more than 1 acre and being cheap I figured buglogical was into over kill. Besides, unlike a lot of land, ours if free of poisons that might impede the development of the nematodes.

We got the package about a week after I ordered it which concerned me (it was supposed to arrive 2nd day) but I found out the delay was because they had to wait on a shipment of fresh nematodes. because it has to be wet out in order to successfully apply them we had to wait a couple of days before the spraying could commence. The rains did come and the rain stuck around for about 6 weeks which as far a the nematodes are concerned was a really rally good things. Nematodes need the soil to remain damp to wet for at least 3 weeks after applying so spring is generally the best time to apply with fall being just about as good. This year I'd say fall was the better season to apply them.

We noticed about 4 weeks after applying them that the grub population was down about 80%. since grubs are white they tend to be noticed before the other pests so I assume if the grub population is getting decimated than the other pests are likely getting the same treatment. Time will tell.

I gotta say so far I am really pleased with the nematodes and Buglogical was a good bunch to deal with. If I have need of nematodes or other beneficial insects in the future I will use them

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