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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Rainy Off Season Wednesday

It's raining and cold today so I have started the job of crunching the numbers on the season-adding up what everything made this past year to date (we are still selling some things and will for the rest of the year). I have 17 different items added up out of probably 125. When I get done I will than know what was not selling well and what has improved this past season sales-wise. This helps us make decisions about what seed to buy and how much to plant next year.

Many people will tell me I ought to set up a spreadsheet and do all this on the computer because it will be faster (only if I input data weekly during the season) But I have a paranoia about motherboards failing and taking all my data with it (this has happened to me more than once in the past though on lesser machines-not true Macs). Yes, I know about backing up files and I do this on a regular basis but I still don't trust these new fangled number crunchers with my stuff so I use the old fashioned pen and paper to do this. It gives my mind something to do while watching bad afternoon TV court shows (does anyone else watch Judge Christina Perez and think she looks like Andrea Jackson of the Daily Buzz in about 15 years?).

So that and posting to this blog is pretty much what I have been doing today.

Fascinating Huh?

Soon I will start dinner which is going to be spaghetti (sauce will be all homemade/grown), garlic bread (will use our home made garlic powder, dried basil and orgeano in the herb butter) and a salad made with our spring mix, tomatoes , peppers and sweet onions we grew. I love eating locally and try to do so every day.

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