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Friday, December 08, 2006

Buh Bye Clayton

Clayton looking pensive

My favorite talking head has left national news for Philly. Clayton Morris did his last stint as a part of the Daily Buzz today and I am rather sad. he was an irreverent breath of left wing liberal fresh air during a time when the right wing neocon spinmeisters such as Hannerty and O'Reilly ruled the air waves and thus national opinion.

Oh sure the guy was on a 4th rate national news show that I probably would have ignored if the show had not gotten it's start in some sort of garage in Miamisburg Ohio back in the early months of this millennium and I had not been bored enough to read about it in one of Dayton, Ohio's alternative newspapers while manning our produce stand at the Dayton 2nd Street Market.

Thus a few weeks after the Daily buzz was birthed I was a loyal viewer. What was not to love. A new morning news show on an incredibly limited budget that was national but because of said tight budget all the outdoor (and I guess indoor too) shots were local to me. I first noticed Clayton when he went for a visit to WHIO, channel 7 in Dayton. The folks at WHIO were not very thrilled to have this rather strange and obnoxious (and perhaps insane) young man arriving with a camera man. Clayton just wanted to say "hey" but WHIO did not and escorted him off the property. Ah good times...

After that, he cruised the mean streets of Kettering looking for breakfast by going door to door and asking. I was always amazed when the women who answered actually would feed him and not call the cops on him. if he had knocked on my door I would have made him breakfast and it would have included more than pop tarts or cold cereal.

Move forward and the show moves out of their garage in SW Ohio and down to sunny Florida where Clayton gets more air time and comes up with some very good regular segments such as Keeping them Honest and News by the numbers.

Clayton's departure will leave a huge hole in the show's cast as there are few people on the planet who can play well with Mitch English the Buzz's frenetic comedian/weatherdude/radio guy.

I did find it a strange coincidence that Jerry Springer, another left leaning news guy (yeah I know he also does the raunchy Springer Show too) quit his news show today also. i take this as a good sign in the cosmic scheme of things-we no longer need these people in the national media championing the lefties out there and keeping the hard righties from destroying the planet for greed, power and oil.

But I digress. Clayton I dunno if you will read this but if you do good Luck in Philly. I'll bet you are happy to be closer to your mom and dad too.

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