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Thursday, December 21, 2006


Question: Which father pays for a lesbian wedding?


Doverduo said...

How about each pays 50%? I always thought making the bride's family pay was a rip off and we don't even have a girl.

What I really wanted to say was -c'mon you guys and give to Heifer Intl. If you love her blog and read it all the time shouldn't you do that to show her you appreciate her efforts? Geez, it's worth at least a little donation isn't it?

Lucy said...

I guess I am making the assumption tthat a lesbian wedding wiould be a traditional wedding and that would be a stupid assumption. that's not to say there are no gay men and women who would noty have a traditional wedding with the gown and tux and the big reception afterwards.

But most of my gay friends are anything but traditional and I would never accuse them of being normal.

And I certainly did not have a traditional wedding. I was married by an auctioneer and the reception was a potluck and we played croquet. oh and me and my husband payed for most of it except for the booze which my father supplied. I believe the whole thing cost under $1000.

This was at a time when the $25K wedding was first being touted as a good thing by Oprah. I was anti $25K wedding so created a great fete that was cheap and low stress. maybe because I knew the marriage not the wedding is the important thing.