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Thursday, January 11, 2007

1st Harvest of 2007

Lettuce we use in our spring mix in a hoophouse

I just finished my first sorta big harvest of the year. I got in a pound of kale and 3 pounds of spring mix. Eugene is bringing in turnips. The kale and most of the spring mix is already called for by a long time faithful customer who was smart enough to email ahead and make an appointment to get her fresh greens.

You can too (if you live in SW Ohio)

The kale is looking pretty bad but the spring mix looks and tastes fantastic. After living all last winter with no greens from the garden it sure is nice to have them. Kroger's and Wal-mart do sell things like spring mix and kale but the stuff sure does not taste anything like what we grow. I can see why people are under the impression kale tastes bad. If you buy it from a big grocery store is more than likely will taste bad. Buy it from a farmer and it will more than likely taste wonderful.

The reason for a harvest with no real market is because winter is slated to makes its' arrival Monday and tomorrow we are getting day one of 4 days of rain. We have a farmers' market in 9 days (3rd Saturday of the month) that we will go to if it is above freezing and it seems that this evening and maybe tomorrow will be the only days to get things in. I do not like harvesting so far in advance of a market but kinda old veggies are better than frozen ruined veggies and that is what we are facing.

Other than getting ready for this farmers' market I have been finishing up garlic powder and have found I now have two broken dehydrators so I guess the garlic powder project is over for the year. Eugene got out the BCS with the plow on it and opened up 4 more beds as well as planted another bed of spring mix in one of the hoophouses for March harvest. He may have also planted radishes, I will have to check with him later on this evening about that.

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farmer, vet and feeder of all animals said...

I love kale! And since I have only ever bought supermarket I guess I will really really love it soon. I have gardened for years but never grew kale (go figure the silly things we do) Now that I read how much better you think it tastes I am anxious to get it going. I had planned on starting my seeds today since I obviously missed the late fall time to do it.