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Friday, February 16, 2007

Hoophouses in Snow

This picture shows why we will not be selling anything at the Monthly Winter Farmers Market in Oxford, OH. We can't get into the things!

That said, we will be attending the market as customers. There is locally raised pastured meat to be bought from the Filbruns. Hopefully, Karen Baldwin of Tahapsia'a farm will be there with her incredible eggs. If she is not there than I will get eggs from someone else. If no one else has eggs than I will go without because factory farmed eggs are disgusting to me.

But most importantly, our Fedco Seed order is in and we can pick it up tomorrow at the market. We do a co-operative order from Fedco that Harv Roehling has been in charge of doing for a lot of years. This allows us to get deep discounts from Fedco by buying in bulk. I do not know how many folks were involved this year but last year the collective order was over $2,000. I suspect it will be more this year as I think the group is larger and our order was 3x larger this year than last.

I got an email from Harv telling me that Fedco was out of some seeds-Poona Kera Cucumber (which I think we can get from Seed savers) and Seminola Winter Squash (maybe Seed Savers will have this too). We also have several items on back order-Nelson Carrots, Red Ace beets and Pac Choi. Fortunately none of these crops will be planted early so we can wait on them for 2 months, if need be. In the past, Fedco has tended to back order the early stuff like spinach, onions and leeks. But since Harv has moved up the order date to early January this sort of thing has become less common.

I am looking forward to seed starting time which is coming up quickly. The quiet winter is getting boring.

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