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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Boulder Belt Newsletter

Before most Farmers markets I send out an email newsletter to the 300+ folks on my boulder Belt email list telling them about what's going on out here on the farm and what we will have at the farmers market. This has long been one of our main forms of marketing. In the beginning the email list was small and ineffective (because there just were not enough people on line-this newsletter has been going out most weeks during the season for over 12 years) but over the years it has grown and I find if I send out an email newsletter we generally do $100 to $200 more in sales than if I don't. So it is very much worth the time and effort to write one and send it out.

Below is this Tuesday's (today's) edition


This is a busy week for us at Boulder belt, marketing wise. Not only is there the Tuesday uptown Farmers market tomorrow from 4pm to 7pm in the memorial park in Uptown oxford but we also will be opening up our farm store this Thursday, May 17th from 9am 'til 7pm and will be open every Thursday, Friday and Sunday 9am til 7pm until we run out of fresh home grown produce and pastured poultry (likely some time in November). Our farm and store are located a 3257 US 127 just one mile north of Eaton at the top of he hill (if coming northbound) or 3 miles south of he I-70/US 40 interchange just before you come to the hill (if coming southbound).

We are excited about the coming season out here we have made some major improvements to the store (most of which you won't notice, like repairing the electrical system and moving our refrigeration into the store building) to keep our food fresher and to better serve you.

Locally grown foods is a growing buzz word. By buying local you can save more energy use than if you shut down all your power in your house and drove a Prius. Buying local dramatically lightens your carbon footprint and the food is fresher and tastier to boot. When you buy from us at our store you can be sure the food you buy and eat did not travel more than a few hundred feet before it was sold, not a few thousand miles. When you buy Boulder Belt produce at the farmers market it has traveled 29 miles, again far less than coming in from California or China.

Buying local has so much going for it, but you knew that already...

On That note here is what we will be bringing to market tomorrow. If you want to know what we have at the store (we have more items at home than we bring to market) check out

Spring Mix-This has been so good and beautiful to boot. We eat some every day and we are not tired of it yet, after 2 months, it's that good. We care about you our customers and not anonymous shareholders like all the corporate entities supplying most of our food in the US. This means we take great pains to make sure the bagged greens you buy from us are not tainted with nasty critters like e-coli or salmonella. Not to mention, the freshness of our produce which is hours old, not weeks old.

Lettuce-We have wonderful lettuce and many different kinds of heirlooms his week. we have the jewel-like French heirloom marvel of 4 seasons, Nancy bibb, Simpson green leaf, the delightful Lollo Rossa and another French heirloom Cracoviensis. We will have bags of mixed heads available

Radishes-We have the French heirloom D'avignon.

Strawberries-We have local, organically grown berries in May. these are coming out of one of our greenhouses

Cilantro-We have some very nice cilantro this week.

Chives-great for dips or topping a fresh soup

Garlic Chives-like chives only they taste like garlic, not oniony. If you are craving garlic these are a great substitute until he garlic scapes come in in June and the garlic is harvested mid July

Garlic powder-We are out of fresh garlic until July but we have a lot of our wonderful and powerful garlic powder.

Catnip-dried catnip for your feline's pleasure. we harvest our catnip at the height of its' potency and than gently dry it. Our kitties, Navin and Trina are nutz for this stuff (which makes bagging it interesting if they are in the room)

Dried herbs-we have basil, dill, sage, parsley and oregano this week.

That's the short list. We may find we have other items to harvest that we will be bringing to market tomorrow afternoon. The only way to find out is to come by the market in the Memorial Park from 4pm 'til 7pm tomorrow evening.

Hope to see you at the market or at our Eco-Farm Store. Thanx a zillion for your support

Boulder Belt Eco-Farm
Eaton, OH

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