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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Crunch Time

We are going into our crunch time so post will likely be few and far between until mid to late June. we have two markets going now, a store to open (and an electrical system to fix before that happens-but by the end of today most of that should be done.) thousands of seedlings to get into the ground by mid June (this means prepping 50 or so beds, setting up irrigation, laying ground cover/landscape fabric on those beds before anything is planted). Harvesting for all our markets pretty much daily. Maintaining the market garden beds (folier feeding, hoeing, hand weeding, mowing) and dealing with 150 chickens each and every day (feeding, watering, moving chicken tractors/fencing, etc..). It's a lot to do for two people with a bit of help-we do have Lauren coming out several half days a week and our buddy Wyatt has been helping out with our electrical issues and today will be bringing out his BCS tiller to help us get more beds ready to go.

And to top it all off my iMac seems to be nearing it's end, slowly. Or maybe it's just my browser (Mozilla) getting rilly funky, I dunno.

The keyboard has lost it's "T" so typing is slow and laborious. Hey if anyone has a keyboard I can use until I replace his 'puter it sure would help me out.

But it looks like the garden is gonna be very productive, the chickens are growing well and we are getting a lot of new customers, suddenly (nothing like a hundred scary food issues from the industrial food stream to get folks thinking about eating locally)

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Jose said...

I may have a spare keyboard, have to look. Let me know if you are traveling by Columbus anytime soon. I can put it in your car then.