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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Boulder Belt is in Ohio Dammit

I was googling myself, really Boulder Belt Eco-Farm, and found BBEF is listed on a Boulder Colorado site as a local farm. They had a link to my Local Harvest store but not this blog or my farm website. This explains why, in the past several months, I have gotten the occasional call from Boulder, CO wanting local food or, in one case, a guy wanting to sell me plastic to package chickens in.

In the past, many people have assumed Eugene and I are from Boulder because of our farm's name, we are not. Neither of us has even visited the state of Colorado. I do not know why it is so difficult for some people to realize that Boulder, CO does not have a monopoly on boulders, that they do exist right here in SW Ohio. On our farm even, hence the name Boulder Belt, named for the Bloomington Boulder Belt that cuts a NW to SE swath through Preble county.

Boulder Belt is in Ohio, Dammit!


Maine Outdoor Writer said...

The abbreviation for Massachusetts is MA. People mistake that for Maine all the time. I get emails from people in Mass wanting to buy local food from me.

So, when can I come stay with you in CO? I hear the skiing's great in your neighborhood!


Lucy said...

Too funny Robin.

You can stay any time, the skiing in summer is especially nice