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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Navin, You Were a Good Friend

We took Navin in to the Vet yesterday to be euthanized. He was struggling for every breath he took and had lost interest in food on Sunday so it was time.

It was a hard thing to make an appointment to kill him. When I hung up the phone I picked him up and burst into tears and held him for a half hour while he gasped and purred on my lap. Than I went looking for Eugene to tell him we had a 1:45 pm appointment at Alta View in Richmond.

We moped around the farm all morning trying to get hings done but had no heart for it. Eugene did some tilling and I cleaned German white garlic and hoed some beans waiting for the time to take the cat to the vet one last time.

The time came and I wrapped him in a blue towel and we go in he van and drove westward. Navin showed some interests in the ride over and when we drove into the Vet parking lot he seemed o realized something was up. I was relieved to see we were the only ones there as by this time we were both crying. The women that worked there gave us sympathetic looks and ushered us quickly into an exam room and left us alone with Navin and a box of tissues. We said our good byes and Dr Koester came in and gave him 2 shots, one to tranquilize him and he other to stop his heart. It took about 3 seconds for Navin to die peacefully so I would say his body was ready to rest, even if his spirit still wanted a little more time.

We wrapped him in the towel and I carried his corpse to the van and we drove home very subdued. Got home and showed him to the dogs. Danny thought I was giving him a yummy toy. Nate smelled his body all over. Arlo took one look and walked away, he wanted nothing to do with the death of his cat buddy I guess. I put Navin's body on a chair while we did hings like weed eat he grounds, harvest onions and clean garlic. Finally, at sunset we dug a hole between the two old apple trees and laid him to rest with a bit of catnip with all the other animals in attendance and a beautiful sunset gracing the skies.

Navin you will be missed.


admin said...

I am so sorry for your loss. I am sure that you have fond memories of Navin. I saw this poem by Isla Pashal Richardson which helps me when I have lost a beloved pet.
Grieve not, nor speak of me with tears. but laugh and talk of me, as if I wee beside you.... I loved you so - 'twas heaven here with you.
I hope this helps a little.
Kind regards
Sara from farmingfriends

admin said...

I made a spelling error it should be as if I were beside you. Sorry.
Sara from farmingfriends

coles said...

So sorry, been there and done that. Almost the same scenario you had, except it was an old Golden Retriever. My kids had never seen me cry like that, it sort of scared them.

The "Rainbow Bridge" story is my favorite at times like this.


winedeb said...

Lucy & Eugene, so sorry for your loss. I am sure Navin is in "Kitty Heaven" meeting up with my recently passed away "Hobo". They will be good friends!

Gina said...

Oh, I am so sorry. It is the hardest thing to let our animal friends go. I had a good cry over your post.

R.I.P., Navin...

Many {{{hugs}}}