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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Dinner From the Garden

Tonight's supper is a work in progress. So far I have in a big saute pan 3 kinds of heirloom tomatoes (Crnkovic Yugoslavian-dark pink with almost black seed cavities, nice acidity, sweet taste, Boulder Belt striped-red with yellow stripes, inside yellow with a Bright red heart-low acid, very sweet and Dr Wyche's Yellow-huge orange fruit, low acid sweet), 2 heads of shivlisi garlic (aka chesnok red), a head of cauliflower, 2 yellow onions, a green patty pan squash that is coming up in the delicata beds (from seed we saved) Oregon giant snow peas and a Chinese giant pepper (or maybe it's a Marconi). I think I will add a can or black beans and some cumin, chili powder and cheddar cheese and let it simmer a while. Than eat it with tortilla chips. The salad is a skinned and sliced telegraph cuke, a couple of Siskyou sweet onions, sliced, chunks of charentais melon, halved strawberries, several kinds of tomatoes (mainly yellow and orange), chopped coarsely, olive oil, kosher salt and balsamic vinegar. Fresh Italian parsley is good in this too.

Should be good, few things more satisfying in oh, so many ways than eating from your garden.


Shari Thomas said...

Hi Lucy,

I read your posts at a number of forums and stop by your blog to see "what's up". You're always an inspiration to me and a lot of other women who farm.

Therefore, I'm bestowing a special award upon you and your blog. You'll have to stop by my blog at Shari's Gone Country! to pick it up.

You'll be tickled to receive it.
Shari Thomas
Beryl, UT

Chandira said...

Eating from your own garden? Isn't that the truth.. I did that properly for the first time this year, with cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, zucchini, eggplant, beans, jalapenos (ready in a week or so) and you can't beat it. I now know about 100 ways to eat zucchini!!

Thanks in part to your blog, for the tipoff on when to plant things, and all the other good stuff here.. :-)