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Monday, September 03, 2007

New URL; Update your Bookmarks and links!

After two years of having the wrong spelling in the URL for this blog I finally corrected that spelling from "boulerbelt" to "boulderbelt" (note the addition of the letter "D"). If you have this blog linked to your blog or website please update the URL. Time to update bookmarks too.

Having changed the URL (which I cannot undo as a spam site has taken over my old URL-that took under 24 hours) may have been a bone head move in the short run as a lot of people cannot find this blog via their links and bookmarks but in the long run it should be a brilliant move as now this blog will show up in search engines when "Boulder belt" is typed into the search box.

It has been fun trying to remember where I put up the URL to this site and changing them all (over 20 links so far and I am sure there are others), especially in light of the fact I am using a brand new computer that I have not been able to transfer anything from my old computer (because it died 36 hours before I got the wonderful and beautiful new iMac) to so I do not have many of my old bookmarks and only 10% of my email list

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OhioMom said...

I am glad that I had bookmarked your other site. Wondered what had happened to your blog. I enjoy reading about what is happening on your farm.