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Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Around 3:00pm we left US 127 and turned east on I-94 towards Detroit and the Wozniak homestead. We got on the highway with thousands of other cars and trucks and sped ever eastward. The landscape went from bucolic ruralness to an asphalt jungle as we closed in on the Motor city. Gone were the farms, fields and forests replaced by high rises, malls and concrete. Rural or urban, in Michigan, you find shrink wrapped boats in either place.

The traffic was building as it was early rush hour. And rush we did, by Ann Arbor, The Detroit Metro Airport (which everyone in the car agreed was about the worst airport in the USA), River Rouge. Than suddenly, we were in Detroit proper and the traffic slowed to a crawl. It was 3:45pm, the 6 lane highway was cut down to 3 lanes and we had 15 exits to go before we got to 8-Mile/Vernier. It did not look like we would hit the 4pm goal we had set. So we crawled through traffic for 20 minutes and eventually got to our exit and within minutes we had arrived at Jack and Lucy's house.

Jack had just gotten home and was walking into the garage when we pulled up. he did not recognize the bright yellow Cobalt Maggie had rented but he did recognize everyone inside the car. We got out and there were hugs all around. Soon Lucy had noticed we arrived and there was round two of hugs. We went inside for a minute and than sat out in the garden (my cousin Jack is a landscaper and his yard is a multi decade project that gets better and better each time I visit) and drank Bud lights and smoked cigarettes. My sister and jack did not smoke as they do not imbibe in the habit. We talked of weather, work and other light topics for a while than Maggie went off for a 1/2 hour walk. While she was gone I had another beer (as did Eugene) and we sat around and started planning out dinner. the plan was supposed to be we waited for my Brother Scott and his girlfriend Speranza to arrive and than we would all go out somewhere and grab some food. Scott was supposed to arrive between 7:30 and 8:00. At 8:05 he had not shown up and we were all starving so we called his cell and got his answering service. So we waited another 15 minutes and left him a note as to where we went to eat.

Than we got in Jack's brand new ride (a used Marquis) and drove off to Telly's, a bar about 3 blocks away. Telly's was okay. Crowded, loud and smoky (Unlike Ohio, you can still smoke in bars and restaurants in Michigan. I was amazed at how weird and distasteful I found this). Scott and Speranza showed up right after we had ordered drinks but before anyone had put in a food order. My cousin Lucy smoked incessantly and I did have one or two. I do not like smoking indoors but when in Rome... After we ordered the food most everyone at the table played a round of Keno and small amounts of money were lost. I do not know when gambling in bars became legal in Michigan but there it is. The food came and everyone ate. I had fish and chips which was mediocre but filling.

Front: Lucy (me), Lucy (my Cousin), Jack. Second row: Eugene, Scott and Maggie

We all went back to Jack and Lucy's house and visited for a couple of house and lots of digital photos were taken The one above is of the Owsley's and Wozniack folks with a Goodman (Eugene) tossed in for good measure. Speranza took the shot with my camera. In time Scott and Speranza went home to Sterling heights (where we would go for brunch the next morning) and the rest of us went to bed.

When Eugene and I stay at my cousin Jack's, he always generously offers us his water bed. We appreciate the offer but both Eugene and I find if difficult to sleep in a water bed and always wake up the next day rather unrested. And that is what happened. got up tired, drank copious amounts of coffee, watched cable TeeVee with the sound off and the radio on (Detroit has the best rock 'n roll radio stations).

Around 8am my sister got up and we got our shit together and took off for Sterling Heights so we could have brunch with Scott and Speranza and her parents. Using confusing map quest directions which got us all turned around on 14 mile. Finally we got there a half hour late and we were treated to a wonderful Romanian brunch. For an hour we ate and drank our fill than Speranza's Dad, Tavi gave us the tour of his garden and home and sent Eugene and me off with seeds and plants. It was really delightful.

By 1pm we were on I-75 and driving north to AuGres to see Dad and Rebecca.

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