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Friday, November 30, 2007

Meteorological Winter

The Weather-dudes tell us that today is the first day of Meteorological winter. They might well be right, the pond froze over for the first time and the soil is beginning to freeze meaning the last of the roots need to come out of the ground and be stored away in buckets of damp sand for later use or sale.

Two days ago we pulled up all the remaining carrots, 3 50' x 4' beds. Pulled what was left of the Lutz's Greenleaf beet, pulled many rutabagas, radishes, harvested the last of the zucchini, green peppers and cherry tomatoes. The hoop houses and row covers were not enough protection for those tender crops so we took what we could find and will move the houses off of them today or tomorrow and put one over the kale and leeks, another over lettuce and the third over spring mix and arugula. Eventually one of the 100' houses will be moved over 2 beds of strawberries so we can get them producing by mid April.

Winter is not so quiet on the farm


Robin said...

I'm incredibly jealous of your growing season. The ground is frozen solid here. The root crops have been out for weeks. The volunteer tomatoes in the greenhouse died four or five weeks ago. It feels like winter here today with a low of 15* and 20 mph winds tonight.

e4 said...

Huh. I never heard that term before...

I hope I can keep my garden going this late in the season next year.