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Sunday, November 11, 2007

New Email Address

The other day the phone rang. It was my ISP, CoreComm. They called to tell me I was getting a new email address. So after 6 or 7 minutes my email address, was no more. Though you can still use it to get to me for another 3 months or so.

I will miss the old email addy, we had some good times together. Long walks on the beach, sunsets, educating the masses about food and agriculture, etc..

I won't miss all the spam that has attached itself to that email. Amazing how much spam builds up over 10+ years. My spam catchers (I have 2) glean over 100 a day from my inbox and I still have to manually rid myself of another 25 or so daily.

I don't like having to change my email addy on all the lists, groups and forums to which I belong, its a long list. Several of the email lists, for some reason, are not well set up to change an email addy so one has to unsubscribe and hope that one can resubscribe to these lists. I believe on at least two I have dueling accounts. That, or I have no accounts at all, I am not sure which yet. Ah, well I knew eventually this would happen to me but frankly I figured I would keep the addy until I switched to a DSL provider. It is strange to lose something you have used for the past 11 or so years.

The new email address is boulderbeltATvoyagerDOTnet (change the AT to @ and DOT to . and you will have my new address)

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