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Friday, November 09, 2007

Organic Pastures

This morning I got an email from Mark McAfee in response to the Ron Paul supports Raw Milk sales item I posted earlier this week here on this very blog and also sent out to various ag and foodie list servs I belong to. He just wanted me to know he will be supporting Ron Paul. I still don't know if Mr Paul will get my vote but at this point he looking better than anyone else, other than Dennis Kucinich.

Check out this website Organic Pastures. organic pastures is a raw milk dairy in California owned and operated by Mark McAfee, one of the biggest raw Milk advocates in the country. He has been run through flaming hoops for the past several years by the CDA and USDA because he provides a safe and nutritious product to his customers. California has tried to shut him down several times and did succeed for a couple of weeks this past spring. But Mark came back fighting. Remarkable, really.

AnyHoo you can read all about this man and his fight to keep raw dairy products legal on the Organic Pastures web site

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