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Monday, November 19, 2007

The Word is Locavore

Each year the New Oxford American Dictionary chooses a word of the
year. This year, the word is Locavore.

Ain't it great that there is not only a term for the likes of us local foodies but it is the word of the year for 2007!

After eating local and working hard on recreating local food sheds for the past 15 year it is nice to be so appreciated with not only our own word, but the best of all the words this year.

1 comment:

coles said...

I heard about Locavore on the radio this AM and you got it on your site faster than I could get home and tell you about it.

One of the Minneapolis TV stations is doing an "Extra" about the organic movement in general, with a tie-in to how it can be a way to keep small farms operating.