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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Christmas Lights

It's Early Saturday morning. It is cold and raining. I am so glad we do not have to do a farmers market this morning. It would have been miserable setting up and selling in such cold and wet conditions. Next Saturday morning we do have a farmers market, hopefully the weather will be dry and calm (I am not hoping for warm, it is December after all.).

So what do we farmers do on a dreary day in late fall? Since it is Saturday we will drive down to pick up our raw milk sometime today. Eugene put up 2 fake Christmas trees last night and went through a box of what he thought were Christmas ornaments from his Mom. There were a few ornaments in the large box but mostly it was paper trash years gone by. He also found short strings (35ct) of cheap lead filled lights. He could not find many of the light strings we have had for years. Maybe this is the sign to go out and buy several strings of LED lights and get started on that direction. So it looks like we will buy some LED's and decorate trees and the house and store for Christmas.

While I am not a practicing Christian I do like many aspects of the Christmas holy day season. Lights are one of those aspects. I fantasize about designing and implementing a million+ light display here on the farm. I doubt I will ever do this, though with LED's and computer chips one could do a spectacular display and it would not use all that much energy. Probably could run a large and complex LED display off of batteries charged by alternative energy such as a wind turbine or solar panels.

Any hoo, we will not be doing a gigantic killer light show again this year, but we will likely have a simple display up and twinkling by this evening.

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