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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Hoop House Pix

Had a couple of produce orders this week so had to go out to the hoop houses and see what we had to harvest and found we had lots of greens. Even with snow covering the ground outside it is spring time in the hoop houses

Eugene looking for arugula under a row cover. We use the row covers as extra cold protection inside the hoop houses. the plastic jugs next to him are filled with water and used as heat sinks

A bed of baby lettuce that either stands alone or goes into our spring mix

Mizuna and tat soi. The mizuna is the lighter frilly stuff and the tat soi is the dark green plant with the spoon shaped leaves


OhioMom said...

OMG I wish I lived close to your farm, those greens look so good this time of the year.

Leila said...

So very clever. We eat these sorts of greens in California in the winter - and here you've figured out how to grow them in Ohio. Bravo.

In Lebanon in the last twenty years or so farmers have been using such structures (they call them tents in Arabic) to extend their Mediterranean growing season - so the strawberries come in earlier, tomatoes as well. I had never seen them in the States - but why not?

Lucy said...

We have been using tunnels for 12 to 13 years and in the last 10 years they have been gaining popularity in the states and Canada. Why you don't see more of them in the USA is probably because 90% of the farming in the US is either grains or livestock, neither of which would do well with hoop houses. that and a lot of the produce grown in the US is grown in Arizona and California, both places with very little cold weather.

But as the local foods movement gets into high gear I believe we will see more and more season extension in the North Eastern quart of the US and that means more acrage under protection.