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Friday, January 11, 2008

E-mail Woes

For the past 3 days I have been dealing with a big clog of digital information in my email pipeline. Before I went up north one of my e-mail buddies, Prosser, sent me a huge 10m file of a really funny advertisement for Aussie Beer. In turn sent that out to several folks and apparently clogged up a few email boxes by doing so. Those accounts bounced back to 10m email to me thus filling my box with a lot of useless digital information.

Okay, that was bad enough.

Than, while I was away, our buddy Wyatt (who was farm sitting so knew we were away) sent me a lot of 2m mp3 files (many I was able to download to I-Tunes, though I have no idea what percentage of the files he sent I was able to download). Oh yeah, and than there was the Redneck Innovations from my friend Amanda and few large items from my Bro-in-law, Dave.

All this became such an information clog that I was not even able to access my email account via my ISP's website. Okay, that's a lie, I was able to access the account for a couple of hours yesterday and I was able to delete around 1200 emails from that account and around 120MB as well. The problem was the account still had over 420MB of information on it (why I do not know as the limit to the account is 25MB). After deleting those emails the account froze up and told me I had nothing in my email or trash folders (I knew better) and nothing would download to my email client I use on my Mac.

It now looked like the only solution would be to call my ISP and have therm manually remove the offending emails and this morning that is what I did at 5:30am. And now the problem seems to be fixed. Emails are trickling into my email client and I have complete access to the Core Comm email account where I am happily deleting all the old emails while enjoying a cup of fair trade coffee.

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