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Sunday, January 13, 2008

the Mystery of Lester's Diner


Coming back from Michigan last Monday Eugene and I got on US 127 in Celina and wanted to eat at Lester's Diner. We drove up and down 127 and could not find the place. We even asked some locals and they had never heard of it. We were mystified

And for good reason, Lester's is in Bryan, OH about 1 hour north of Celina

We ate there when we went up to see my father in October before it was known he was sick and dying with my sister Maggie. On that trip we drove up 127 to Jackson, MI and thus drove through Bryan, OH and stopped at Lester's.

On this most recent trip we got it in our heads that Lester's was in Celina and if not Celina than Van Wert. Wrong on both counts. I emailed a farmer I have met via the 'net who lives in Van Wert, he did not know about the place but his wife had heard of it. I wanted to email my friend Julie who grew up in Van Wert but I lost her email when I lost my old Mac and have not regained it to this day. Finally this morning I did what I should have done days ago. I Googled Lester's and there it was in the top three hits

We liked the food and ambiance enough to want to stop again on our way home but with no luck. But there will be a next time and when it arrives I will know that we have to drive all the way to Bryan to eat there.

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shy_smiley said...

Enjoying your blog! I'd be at Lester's in a second if I didn't live in Arizona. Ohio is a long drive, whether it be Celina, Van Wert, or Bryan!