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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Shake Up at Seed Savers Exchange

Yesterday I got an email from an organic gardening list I subscribe to saying Kent Whealy had been fired from SSE and felt wronged by the abrupt dismissal. I was told there was an 8 page letter written by him and sent to all the listed members in the SSE yearbook. I was intrigued. What was in the letter? Why was Kent fired? What will happen to SSE? I spent a lot of yesterday and today trying to find a copy of the letter and someone finally posted a link to the letter over at Alan Bishop's Forum (a really good farm/garden forum, if you like participating in such go there now and register and get involved). I downloaded the pdf of the letter and now I am pissed off about this whole thing

Here is the pdf link here of Kent's letter. Read it and weep.

610kb file.

also, here's the latest response from SSE...

"To anyone looking for a response in this forum to a recent letter that was sent to SSE's Listed Members:

There are legal issues, as well as PR issues, involved in responding to Kent's letter, which has made an immediate response difficult. SSE is preparing a response and it will be available within the next day or so, both on Seed Savers' website ( and here on Seed Savers' forum ( We appreciate your understanding and patience in the meantime.

Steph Hughes
Seed Savers Exchange"


gregscott80 said...

Please read the press releases on Seed Savers website, particularly the one from the advisors. Kent's dismissal is sad, but it was needed to regain the focus of the organization. This has been brewing for many years now.

Lucy said...


that is why there are several links to the SSE site AND forum, so people can read for themselves. Though i must say other than a couple of official press releases not much information is there

Here are links to discussion about this as well