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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Skunk 1, Dog 0

This morning Nate went out and got hit by a skunk. So we know spring is almost here.

Eugene was pruning the old apple tree by the pond and heard a splash in the water and saw Nate swimming in almost freezing water. Nate go out and Eugene came down off of the ladder and discovered Nate had been perfumed by a skunk and was trying to swim the odor away. That was not working for him so Eugene poured some hydrogen peroxide into a bucket of water (a cup of peroxide to a gallon of water) and hit all the stinky areas with the solution. Peroxide neutralizes skunk odor on contact so dogs getting into it with a skunk is not a reason to panic here at Boulder Belt Eco-Farm


thepowerguides said...

thanks for the tip ours get hit a few times with skunks during the spring and the only thing we have tried sofar is Tomatoes but that sounds a little better idea. The sad part is I am sure I will need that knowledge in the next month or so


sammy said...

I learnt the recipe the hard way too! Giving the dog a bath at midnight is not my favorite thing, but ours has been hit a few times over the years, and the peroxide is the way to go. I add some dish detergent, helps the smell. I think my dog has finally learnt to stay away. Last night, she refused to go down a certain street when hubs took her out, and he said a few seconds later, he saw the skunk walking out of someone's driveway. We can hope she's learnt!!