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Friday, March 07, 2008

This is not a Sex Farm

It's snowing and there is not a lot to do so I am looking at the keywords people use to find this blog.

because I am bored I am going to jump up the traffic to this site by observing sex farm and sex belt are two of the key words used to find this site. Several years ago I wrote something that contained the word sex and withing hours I was getting hundreds of hits using the keyword Sex or sex farm or sex belt or sex...

So I entitled this post Sex Farm even though with all the neutered animals here there ain't much sex going on here other than the human kind. That was not the case when we had laying hens a several roosters around. Than there was sex or attempts at it pretty much during daylight hours.

Than there is the sex we humans engage in with the flowers around here fertilizing the pistils with pollen from the stamens. Eugene uses a tiny brush and I just use the male flower parts.

But these day not so much. No hens and roosters, no flowers to pollinate. I guess you really would not call us a sex farm after all.


OhioMom said...

ROFLMBO ! Thanks for the morning giggle :)

Lucy said...

Sex farm hits are up 100% over 2 days ago. the best one is Raw sex farm, I guess this combines raw food with raw sex or something.