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Monday, April 07, 2008

Boulder Belt is NOT in Colorado

Just a note to my Colorado visitors. I am happy you have come to read this blog but know
Boulder Belt IS IN OHIO

I see from my blog statistics that I have a lot of hits from people in Colorado looking for all sorts of local foods. I am not local to you people in the SW USA.

Not to mention, yesterday there was a message on the answering machine from a person in Boulder Colorado looking for hens (and no we do not raise hens, not for eggs, not for sale, not for anything). I have also had a call from a lawyer asking my opinion as a CO farmer about fighting cocks, Coloradians looking for raw milk, CSA's, etc.. He was rather embarrassed when I told him I was in Ohio. I was even told by a farming colleague that he has gotten calls from Colorado enquiring about his organic livestock feeds due to people reading this blog.

Sorry, but I cannot help you. But you can help yourselves by carefully reading the side bar where such information as location are situated (my location is clearly spelled out in my bio on the top of the side bar).

All I can say is get a clue about geology and know that Colorado and especially Boulder Colorado does not have the monopoly on Boulders and that people in other parts of the USA and the world at large can and do use the term BOULDER to describe their localities.

At first this was funny to us here at the farm but now it is getting tiresome.

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nita said...

I like the new look, but I miss the spider web.